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It becomes imperative to prepare for what comes next. The infestation of mice or rodents is not a joke and puts your health on steak. Even one mouse in your house can mean there is a whole pack of rodents in your home walls, basement or somewhere nesting in a place where you are less likely to see them. And if you have been unsuccessful in trying to get rid of mice for more than a week, it is time to call professionals for impeccable work. Besides, it is not a problem you want to tackle slowly.

1. DIY (Do It Yourself) or Professionals.

A DIY approach is when you try to do the pest control by yourself rather than employing a professional. It works to a certain extent when the infestation is not so adverse. However, there are times when professional help is very much needed. Calling an expert for any pest control in Coquitlam or nearby region not only ensures safe & effective eradication but guarantees the treatment is long-lasting.

2. Storage Of Food

Mice or rodents can’t resist the lure of the food, and the leftover scraps do attract them. Thus, your first step is to eliminate tempting food sources and store all food properly in the jar or refrigerator. Some of the common foods attract mice, rodents, or more are- seeds, grains, fruits & berries, meat, pet food, nuts, sweet, and salty snacks. With a bit of preparation against food that attracts mice, you can keep mice & rats from invading your space.

3. Repair Your Holes In Walls

Holes or gaps around your door or wall serve as a nesting ground for mouse & rodents. It is essential to seal them properly to prevent a major infestation permanently. Once you have sealed all the entry points, it becomes easier to set traps throughout the home, and you can easily use mouse repellents to solve the common infestation problems.

4. Bring Changes To Your Daily Regime

If you take control from the beginning, you won’t have to face issues later. In most cases, infestations happen because of our stubborn lifestyle or things we do carelessly daily. For ongoing control, sweep, clean & vacuum your house regularly. Take out the trash usually and keep your premises as clean as possible.

Get the expert to tackle the mice in & out. The most efficient mouse exterminations are administered by those who are trained professionals. For inspection & survey, book mice control services in Surrey today.

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