Moles are small subterranean mammals which can be found throughout Canada including British Columbia. Moles are usually classified as a pest because of their tunnelling habit that can be very much destructive to the agriculture, lawn care and gardening. Although they don’t eat plants or plant roots, they indirectly cause damages to the lawns, gardens, yards, parks while they are searching for their food. Usually, their basic diets include ants, grubs, beetles, earthworms and other insect larvae.

The size of a matured mole is generally between 5-7 inches and their color is either grey or brown and it’s breeding time is February to May.

How to get rid of Moles

Trapping is the best way to get rid of this animal. Also, you need to constantly monitor your lawn or garden. Besides, it is also essential to eliminate the source of feeding for the moles, in order to get rid of them.